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 Lena Harris Biography


   I have enjoyed several creative careers in my life. 

My most recent project is a documentary short that I wrote,
directed, produced and filmed which premiered at the
 (Cannes Film Festival).
As a writer, I have written several scripts that have gone to production;
and I contribute to industry publications such as Back Stage.  My book, 
TWENTY-FIVE 5-MINUTE POWER SCENES is published by Smith and Kraus.  
I wrote and directed a Webseries entitled THE ELAINE YOUNG SHOW,
that captured the true life story of legendary realtor to the stars, 
Elaine Young.
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 Lena Harris Productions.
 I started my career as an actress and model. 
I had an extensive modeling and commercial career with the
Ford Model Agency in New York and Europe --
a career that gave me the opportunity to travel the world
for leading designers and advertisers among them 
Revlon, Max Factor, Helena Rubinstein, 
Estee Lauder and Tiffany. 
 I  appeared  on the pages and covers of magazines including Good Houskeeping
Time Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and many others;
also appearing in numerous national television commercials. 
 As an actor, I was honored to receive
the Back Stage West / Drama-Logue Critics Award for my role as
Elaine Nevazio in Neil Simon's  "Last of the Red Hot Lovers." 
One of my most joyous and rewarding careers, however, has been that
of acting instructor and coach.  I trained to teach acting for
years prior to opening my own school 20 years ago.  
My acting training began under Baruch Lumet, father of
acclaimed director Sidney Lumet.  Baruch Lumet was the director
of the Institute of Performing Arts and known for
his work in the Yiddish theater.
The techniques that I teach are based on the
Stanislavsky System and Sanford Meisner exercises. 


Actors are filmed at the workshop sessions using original material;

resulting in 2-4 minute finished scenes that may be streamed online and

emailed to the industry.  I offer on-camera techniques that give the actor

the discipline needed to overcome certain constraints that are required

in front of the camera (which are not present in stage acting). 



Backstage has requested several article from me; one specifically

 explains the importance of studying on-camera technique

(“Always Be Studying” (On-Camera Technique).



The acting techniques I teach allow the actor to be spontaneous,

alive, truthful, and in the moment.  Actors work on monologues, dialects,

and impediments (for example, blindness or addiction). 

Backstage requested the following article from me:



 "Approaching a Role with an Accent"  




 I teach the Stanislavsky method of using physical actions to induce

feelings and emotions.  Stanislavsky says, "In the doing the emotion will come."         

 My workshop provides actors with a safe and creative environment in which

they can apply techniques designed to empower actors

to achieve their full potential.

   The muscles for acting must be developed and then

exercised constantly. 

  It is for that reason that each of the actors are filmed at

EVERY class.  While applying their new techniques, the actors dress

in their character's wardrobe and makeup, step in front of the

camera and they ACT! 

The process is tremendous fun!  The actors work from

original material written by me (many of the scenes coming

from my Smith and Kraus book), resulting in 2-4 minute

finished videos that can be streamed online

to the industry.  



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 Our Mission Statement

 High principles, passion for art, and technical mastery are our foundation.     

 Generous hearts, working harmoniously to elevate the spirit is our bond.    

A higher awareness of life's joys and peace of mind is our reward. 




  ~~~ It is our obligation as actors to reflect the human condition ~~~   


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         Some of my recent articles in BACK STAGE:

"Approaching a Role with an Accent" 

 "Always be Studying"  (On-Camera Technique) 

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- Robert Wagner           

Lena Harris makes that ever so easy."    

words off the page and make them his own.

"One of the requisites for an actor is to be able to take the


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