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Estelle  Asmodelle

 "As an experienced foreign student, I came to Hollywood expecting to find over-crowded classes with teachers who watch the clock more than the students ... and this was true, until I met Lena Harris.  Coming to Lena's studio was like finding an oasis in the middle of a tainted desert, 'Hollywood.' The intense course Lena offered quickly opened up like a Pandora's box, presenting itself with literally a treasure trove of emotions and feelings, some I wasn't aware that I had anymore.  Lena guides her actors in a safe and reassuring manner, and to a new level of trust to help all of us explore methods of creating 'real' emotions without the pain many teachers put method actors through.  At the end of the course, I had a beautiful collection of tools and expressions that will enable me to take my acting to a new level." 

~ Estelle Asmodelle

Beatrice Aureila

"I recommend Lena Harris to every passionate artist who wants to extend his art, work in a warm atmosphere and be the best!   Lena listens to everything and everyone.  The workshop is like a second family you hope you will never leave."

~ Beatrice Aureila

Jayda Berkmen

 "In all my travels my search ended when I met Lena Harris.  Lena  Harris has a gift for bringing out that is unique among each individual, whether the actor is aware of it or not.  Lena guides her students to go past the first thin layer of dialogue and into the underlying actions, depths, and relationships finely threaded throughout the scene.  Lena not only  understands the art, and lives the art, but also is art herself.

Lena is not only a brilliant instructor to me, she is my mentor."

~ Jayda Berkmen

Jessica Blair
"We watch our favorite actors in wonderment. Their genius seems to originate from a mysterious higher power. Lena's guidance allows you to find your way through that mystery.  She shows you that through the right process this higher power exists in all of us.  The inevitable result of this intense and rewarding work: You find that you are the actor that you always wanted to be." 

~ Jessica Blair  
Jessica Blair graduated from Florida State University 
Magna Cum Laude
Dominic Bonelli 
Lena Harris’ on camera workshop is the greatest experience I have ever had.
 Lena pushes you emotionally to places you think you could never go.  Once you get there, she has a way to keep you motivated to want to continue to grow as an actor and as a person.  She not only teaches you to master a skill, but at the same time you learn who YOU are.

~ Dominic Bonelli
 "Emmy Winner"

“Lena teaches techniques and methods that are clear and specific.  Lena’s workshop has definitely transformed me as an actor!!!  She demands the best out of her students.  With Lena, I have developed so many tools, and now my talent is accessible and truthful.”

~ Lacey Bonner

 “The Lena Harris on-camera workshop is intensive deep and intimate. Lena is dedicated.
 Never have I learned so much! “ 

~ Les Brandt
“Acting class with Lena is fun, rewarding and confidence building.  Being able to work on professionally done scenes in which you get to watch yourself on the Internet is a truly unique class for the actor.  Lena’s experience, keen eye, positive spirit and dedication to helping you get the best out of yourself are inspiring.  It motivates you to give this business your best shot.”

~ Marty Donlan
“Take Lena Harris on-camera workshop if you are really serious about acting!  I say this because Lena expects great effort and discipline in her workshop so the actors may accomplish their goals.  Lena's technique allows the actor to focus and sharpen their skills.  Lena provides techniques for breaking down a script and fully committing to preparation, while at the same time allowing you to enjoy the process.  Lena's extensive knowledge and insight of the industry and audition techniques is invaluable.  I came away each week with the tools I need to pursue my dream of becoming an actor.   Lena pushes hard to awaken and bring to the surface the talent I always knew in my heart that I posses."

~ Matteo Faeth
“In an industry that is so hard on the creative spirit, Lena Harris support helps you to remember why as artists we do what we do.  Lena taught me how to bring the best to each of my performances.  Her dedication and insight has given me the confidence to realize my own potential.  I trust her completely.  Working with Lena has been one of the best experiences of my life.”

~ Kim Flowers
“It is hard to find a coach who is more deeply committed to her craft and to her students than Lena Harris.  Not only is she an amazing coach but she is a wonderful person.  Each class is packed with everything an actor needs -- acting technique, industry information and technical knowledge about working on camera.  There is simply no class like it and I would not hesitate to recommend Lena to anyone, at any acting level."

~ Berda Gilmore
Berda hails from Houston, Texas and moved to New York after completing her education at Yale University.  
Now Casting - Berda Gilmore Resume
“While studying with Lena Harris I am closing in on my lifelong dream – a dream since childhood.  Lena’s on-camera workshop is unique.  It is more than a weekly lesson.  We walk away with something tangible for our efforts and at each lesson, we continue to benefit.  More importantly I feel the valuable influence of a gifted mentor in Lena. “

~ Rudy Giordani
“Never have I ever felt safer to explore my talent in such an unconditional setting.  Lena has the eye of an eagle, which allows you to grow faster than you can imagine.  Soar into the world of acting with today’s Best Coach!”

 ~ Johnathan Gorman
“Lena Harris has impacted me as an actor and as a person.  I feel very fortunate to have met her and my confidence soared after studying with her.  Lena is intense and demanding of her actors.  She is firm, yet she provides positive outlets for you to explore and grow.  Lena creates a warm and safe work environment resulting less awareness on myself and my focus remains completely on the work.  Every moment, movement, exercise, monologue or scene is firmly grounded in Meisner technique.  Thanks to my training with Lena, I feel comfortable, confident, relaxed and prepared for any type of work in theater, film or TV.  Lena will equip you with all the necessary tools; not to just be an actor, but to be a confident, SKILLED ACTOR.  Lena is an incredible teacher and an even better person.  I am blessed to have to study with her and will continue to do so.”

~ Arden Haywood
“Lena gives a lot and expects a lot.  She has completely transformed me as an actor and as an individual.  She teaches in a supportive environment which allows you to feel safe even during those times when you feel the most vulnerable and are working though the not-so-easy process.  The techniques she teaches are key elements in my becoming an actor.  Lena's class has strengthened my capacity to perform truthfully and organically under any acting circumstance.”

~ Christy Jackson
"Lena Harris is not a teacher for those actors who seek only to act. Rather, she caters to those actors who seek to grow in their craft through discipline and hard work. The physical and mental dues you will pay far exceed what you will pay her financially; but through her firmness and love you will realize that great actors are MADE not BORN."

~ Rudy Jurado
“I can honestly say that when I came to Los Angeles, I was completely clueless about finding a reputable acting studio.  Luckily for me, a personal manager mentioned Lena Harris.  That one recommendation has truly changed my life personally and professionally.  Through Lena's first-hand knowledge and mastery of “Meisner Technique,” and her inventive exercises for true emotion, I now have the confidence to enter the entertainment business as a trained professional.  She will teach you tools that you can use and sharpen throughout your professional career.  After all, Lena is not only a teacher, but also a seasoned actress who knows from personal experience what it takes to make it!  If you are ready to learn how to act truthfully “moment to moment” in a small, nurturing environment, where YOU are the main focus, then studying with Lena Harris is for you!” 

~ Sean King

Bobby Leigh




"Lena Harris class is the best thing I have ever done for my career, not only as an actor, but also in the musical industry.Lena has taught me how to become a skilled and professional actor.  Her intensive course in the Meisner technique has proven to bemore valuable than anything else I've ever been able to bring to the table.  The proof is that when I was doing a network TV show this week and was given no direction, I brought out something specific that Lena had taught me when working on a comedic monologue in class.  The director loved what I brought to them, and fell on the floor laughing.  I am always using things that I learned in Lena's class that has provenvaluable beyond belief.  She has given me confidence in my abilities as an actor,and I truly owe her for the successes I have achieved.  Good thing she doesn't work on commission.   Thank you, Lena."

~ Bobby Leigh

“Lena has a wonderful ability to get the most out of her students.  She is caring and concerned.  Her approach is one that a student looking to learn will embrace!!  The class is very personal so you will not feel threatened or intimidated.  Also you will have the opportunity to see yourself perform on film every time you work.  I appreciate all the help and encouragement she has given me through the years!!!!  After her training I feel that I am capable of tackling any job out there."

~ Glenn Lentz
"Lena is the most effective coach that I have ever experienced as well as being the best communicator.  She creates magic.  She is without a doubt the finest experience to date of my ever-evolving craft.  She never engages in negative criticism which eliminates fear and allows you to soar. 
 Her techniques are my wings.  She is my mentor and my friend" 

~ Misty Louwagie 
“Taking Lena’s class has given me the tools and knowledge I need to become the actor that I have always aspired to be.”

~ Billy Mac
“Brilliant, intriguing, beautiful, talented, caring and graceful are all words that come to mind when I think of Lena.  Her workshop has truly changed my life.  I always knew I wanted to be a professional actor, but Lena made me realize the hunger I have, and brought out the passion I needed to stick with it and not give up.  Lena is so nurturing and such an amazing teacher.  She provides the tools and confidence you need to feel comfortable when walking into an audition.  She can brighten up any day and I only wish I could take her workshop everyday!  I recommend Lena’s class to anyone who is serious about their acting career.”

~ Kristen Marshall
"Before Lena's class, I was just someone who wanted to be an actress - full of fear and sitting on the fence.  I was so nervous because of some harsh experiences I had had with other coaches.  By the first class, I knew I'd found a diamond in this rough industry.  Her knowledge and personalized instruction is extraordinary, all the while remaining sensitive to the actor's vulnerability.  The environment was conducive to relaxation and trust amongst the students.  As a result of my work with Lena, I knew that I had finally "gotten it" - as in, what it takes to be a skilled, professional working actress.  Overall, Lena's class is a powerful inspiration in my life."

~ Joey Mayer
“Taking Lena’s workshop was the best thing I could have done for my career as well as the rest of my life.  I have learned what it means to be true to myself and to be fully present and to trust my instincts.  I attribute this to Lena’s skill and firm yet warm guidance.  Lena definitely takes you to the next level, and demands that you explore those scary, unfamiliar places to which you would never have gone before.  I have trained with other coaches, and never have I experienced such a safe and nurturing environment.  Lena presents a clear sense of organization and focus which I have discovered is difficult to find.  This class has given me the tools to be a skilled and fascinating actor.”

~ Monique Moen
“I came to Lena Harris on-camera workshop as an aspiring director seeking a deeper understanding of the actor’s craft by learning hands on.  After all, a good director knows how to evoke from his actors the performances necessary to tell the story well.  My time spent with Lena has been invaluable; her teaching methods have given me great insights and have undoubtedly helped me grow as an artist.  Not enough can be said about Lena as a person, she is wonderful.  As a coach she is focused, pleasantly critical, inspiring, and ameliorating.  Although it was never my intention, in the process of becoming a better director, I’ve become an actor.“ 

~ Sef Morris
“Someone asked me a year ago if I had a mentor, someone who made an impact in my life.  I thought and I thought but came up empty.  If they were to ask me that today, I would emphatically answer Lena Harris!  Lena truly touched my life and believed in me when I was about to give up on a childhood dream.”

~ Raquel Nicholas
"Lena’s teaching has helped me grow astronomically as an actor.  She is a brilliant artist and a powerful conveyer of truth. Lena invests fully in her students, and demands excellence from them.  I love challenge of her personally crafted scenes.  Every week I am stretched in a new way.  Lena provides the insight and opportunity to flourish as a skilled, versatile and powerful actor."

~ Deanna O’Bryan

“Studying with Lena is such a blessing with regard to my career and where I am headed.  Lena has a way with me that is awe inspiring.  She is truly a gifted lady!  She has brought out talents in me that have lain dormant for years throughout my career and I have been truly blessed to have her as my instructor.  She exudes the utmost in professionalism and has a great respect for her craft as well as the actors she works with.” 

 ~ Susan Odom

“I can’t express enough how amazing Lena Harris is.  Her workshop provides a safe and professional environment that promotes growth and development to an actor on every level.  Lena is a dedicated teacher who builds confidence and continually challenges you to grow and achieve your goals.  Lena inspires me.  In my opinion she is the best kept secret in L.A.”

~ Robbi Jo Oliver
"I could write for days about how wonderful Lena and her teaching have
been for me.  Nobody has ever gotten through to me or understood me as
much as she does.  I came into her class being the stubborn person
that I've always been, thinking I knew everything.  After just one
class, that whole mind set changed.  She's pulled so much out of me
that I never knew I had.  Thanks so much Lena."

~ Jerrod Phillips
“Acting is a challenging and intimidating field.  But studying with Lena helped me to face-off these two issues.  Her character and professionalism are an inspiration to me.  “I want to be like Lena when I grow up.”(smile).  She has been a top source of encouragement in my desire to continue to pursue a career in acting.  She has continued to challenge me to grow personally and professionally.  With her coaching we were encouraged to dig deeper emotionally and to make the choices needed--so that each character became more than one-dimensional.  With her knowledge, I began to understand the process.  I enjoyed watching her work with others in the group as she directed and blocked each scene.  She made it fun, and kept it simple with lots of encouragement, direction and insight.  There is a worn-out cliché in Hollywood--that it’s not what you know--but who you know.  Well, “I know Lena,” and now I’ve got the “what!!”  Every class was fun!!” 

~ Honey Sanchez
“Simply put, Lena has the ability to bring out every emotion you never thought you had...and then teaches you how and when to use them.”

~ Tariq Sharif
“Lena’s Workshop is for the serious actor who wants to continue growing while going deeper into his talent.  Lena is the best teacher I have ever worked with.”

~ Michael Semosh
“It was with Lena Harris that I had my big emotional breakthroughs when I began to study acting, and it is Lena whom I trust with my continued progress.  I can honestly say that she is an extremely supportive and nurturing acting instructor.  Lena creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and warmth among her students in her class, which I think is extremely important in being able to open up and grow as an actor.  I would recommend her to anyone considering an acting class, and I personally am thrilled to have her as a teacher.” 

~ Natasha Senkovich
“Lena’s class is so good because she knows so much about the business and what you need to be able to work successfully in the industry.  I know I’ll take everything I’ve learned and be able to use it for the rest of my life to broaden my craft.  If you’re serious about the craft and want to work, you should take Lena Harris' workshop.  It’s a life experience that will carry you through your career and life.”

~Shawn G. Smith
"The 3 things I think I seek to express in my own acting, and that I look for when watching others are positive influence, true originality, and creative beauty.  All the great actors that I admire have some of these qualities.  Lena Harris teaches all 3.  She nurtures each actor to bring their original gifts to an audience, and teaches how to create a finished performance from their choices--and her wisdom and experience.  An actor with something to say could have no finer teacher.  Lena Harris' focus is professionalism at the highest level.  Each class is an opportunity to work at that level." 

~  Chris Tatum
“Lena Harris has given me a solid foundation that has allowed me a great level of confidence--not only for acting but for my dancing and singing pursuits as well.  Lena is a dynamic instructor who teaches you how to overcome your fears and expand your creativity.”

~ Anissa Von Rover 
“Lena Harris is the finest teacher.  She unties your you can fly.”

~  Margaret West

Stacy Williamsom

“Oh My God!!  There are no words that can describe Lena Harris and her acting class.  This class was full of inspiration, insight, patience, and nudging.  Lena inspired me to continue in times of doubt.  She was brilliantly insightful and very patient with me at times when I did not get it.  She gently nudged me when I was afraid to try that new thing.  All in all, she saw the unique actress in me, and was there to make sure everyone else saw the same thing.  When I am accepting awards for my work in the near future, Lena will always have that special thank you from my heart.”

~ Stacy Williamson

Stacy C. Wilson



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" Lena Harris has had the most influence on my acting technique.  Her passion for teaching actors how 'NOT to act, but 'how to identify with a particular character' through her use  of colors, actions, circumstances, and  technique has really had a huge impact on how I approach a particular role.  She is truly a Grade 'A' acting coach who is endearing, and every actor who wants to get 'serious' about their career should make it a point to experience The Lena Harris Workshop."

~ Stacy C. Wilson

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